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The wave 10-14

In the last few chapters of the book I read was very interesting but amazingly surprising at the same time! There are a lot of things that happened that I never thought would happen!

In the last few chapters Laurie went to a rally and she had to do the salute in – order to go into the stands and she refused to do it! She was fighting with a Wave member telling him that just because she doesn’t do the salute doesn’t mean she isn’t allowed into the stands! Wave members were complaining that the news paper written about The Wave was really bad and needed to be destroyed Wave members were saying that it’s not that bad of a group and that nobody should be saying bad things about it! I think that It doesn’t matter, because I think The Wave is not a good thing to be apart of!

Later after all of that happened Mr. Ross and his wife were talking about The Wave and how it needed to end because there is parents, teachers and student complaining about how The Wave is going way to far and needs to end!

That night Laurie was in the school all night after having to do the paper after school! The school was dark. When she got to her locker there was a note with a threat on it! She heard footsteps coming towards her so she started to run! The footsteps started getting louder and louder so the faster she ran! She ran right to the exit doors and they were locked so she couldn’t get out she started to panick! Louder the footsteps got she started to panick even more! She tried the other door, she got out and started bolting out of the school parking lot!


The wave 1-4

We are reading a new book in class. It is called The Wave, and it is based on a true story. The main character in the book is Laurie Saunders, she has light-brown hair and an almost permanent smile. When she is nervous, she chews on pens, and her mother told her that someday a plastic shard would lodge in her throat and she would choke on it.  She goes to a school in Palo Alto California called Gordon High.

She also runs the school newspaper. The newspaper is called The Gordon Grapevine and it’s always late, simply because no one ever comes to write it. She is fairly popular, and has a friend named Amy. Amy was getting really bored in French class so Laurie decided to cheer her up. So, she stood at the door, making sure that Amy could see her, but the teacher couldn’t, and she made a series of funny faces. After that, everyone in the classroom, was in hysterics, and the teacher, Mr. Gabondi was furious.

In Laurie’s history class they were watching a movie on the Nazis and how they were putting Jews in rooms then spilling gas in the rooms, and the concentration camp they put Jews in also. Her history teacher Mr.Ross told her and her class about the mad man Adolf Hitler. Hitler was the one telling the Nazis to do all of the bad stuff to the Jews. Hitler was a house painter and then turned to politics after World War One.

After the movie was done class was over. The class was quiet with emotion. Almost everybody left after class but some people stayed a while. Laurie was one of them. This strange boy named Robert Billing who would always fall  asleep in class stayed also. Laurie could not get that picture of the horrid out of her mind.

~The wave~ 9-12: Something grows to a new level.

     In these chapters 9-12 there was more conflict with characters and that made it a little more interesting to read. Ben started a little history experiment that turned into a fad or obsession. When Laurie got to the publications room there was a note on the floor that said that he was getting told to join the wave but he didn’t want to, and the seniors said that if he didn’t join all his friends would ditch him.
     Meanwhile there has been fights going on with kids that are in the Wave, and kids that don’t want to join the Wave.  One of the fights have been between two football player’s.  The thing I find wierd is that the kid that was beat up was jewish.  The people in the Wave are trying to get the people that aren’t in the Wave yet to join the group. At one point of the book, Mr. Ross has to go to the principles office, as the principal wants to have a word with Mr. Ross about the Wave. Mr. Ross didn’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing but it was a good thing.  He said that he really liked how the kids were being more reliant and easier to handle.
     In these chapter’s David and Laurie broke up over the wave because apperantly Laurie didn’t see the wave like David did. 
     I think that the wave is slowly starting to come to a huge thing that will blow up in Mr. Ross’s face.  Robert has assigned him to be Mr. Ross’s body gaurd.  Mr. Ross didn’t know if he really wanted to have a bodygaurd becuase that would show everyone that he is a perosn that needed a bodygaurd.

~The wave~ 5-8: From bad to worse.

     In this chapter of the The Wave, things start to get interesting. First of all, Ben Ross  decides to teach his class about discipline. It begins with him ordering them around and making them say Mr. Ross before they would answer him. The class gets totally hypnotized in the class and actually listen to him very well.
    They were to go outside the classroom and try to get to thier desks as fast as they could.  The first try was bad and then one of the kids said the people that go the farthest at the front of the line and the people that don’t have to go far at the back of the line. This time it work the kids were very organized and fast it only took them 16 seconds for all of them to be seated. Mr. Ross also showed them how to sit right and then he told them a slogan for the Wave. Strength Through Discipline, Strength Through Community, Strength Through Action.
     The next day when the kids went to school, Mr. Ross handed all the students membership cards. Brian and Robert had a red X on the back on them, which meant that they are the ones who tell Mr. Ross when the other members of The Wave didn’t obey the rules. 
    Laurie tells her parents about the wave, Mrs.Saunders doesn’t like it, but Mr.Saunders thinks the children could use the discipline. Mrs.Saunders feels that Mr.Ross is brainwashing the students and she thinks they should be able to think for them selves.
      My perdiction is that the wave is going to grow in chapter 9, 10 and 11. In chapter 12. I think that Laurie and David are really going to see what the wave is turning into. I think that they will try to stop it them themselves.

Crazy Bluetooth Thingy.

I’ve just found out about some crazy new Bluetooth headset.  It’s called the ERA Bluetooth headset.  It’s got all of the features that have made Jawbone’s Bluetooth headsets popular so far including the latest version of their military-grade NoiseAssassin 3.0 technology which cancels out noise and wind so the person on the other end of a call can always hear you.  It’s further assisted by a new 10mm wideband speaker in the earpiece which Jawbone claims is larger than the one used in previous models.But what’s the coolest thing about the ERA is that Jawbone has given it the power of motion controls thanks to a built-in accelerometer, so it’s like having a little Wiimote sticking out of your ear.  But instead of playing bowling, Jawbone’s MotionX technology lets you do things like answer calls by tapping the headset a couple of times, or shake it to automatically go into pairing mode.


     There is alot of conflict around the world.  There’s alot of conflict in books, classrooms and towns.  The book that we are reading in my classroom is FULL of conflict.  The book’s name is The Book Thief.  Seriously I’ve read a whole bunch of books and this one has the most conflict out of all of them. 

      The setting took place in germany duringWW2.  There is a girl in the book that s hiding a jew.  They become very good friends during the time that they were hiding him.
     After a while he leaves because the father of the girl goes and gives bread to some jew’s that are literally dyeing of starvation.  After he does this he actually says, “What have I just done.” 

      I think this is External and Internal conflict.  I think this because when  he gives the Jew the bread the people around him are shocked that he did it and I think that the Internal conflict is that because after he does it he is thinking what he has done to reveal him and his family to the Nazi’s.

Boxer’s death.

  We are doing a new blog post this week.  I decided to do one on the mysterious and crazy death of a Boxer.  He died after recivieing a swift punch he got knocked out and fell to the floor in the boxing ring.  He was in the semi-finals.  He was 21 and all I know about so far is the he has a brother and he is a boxer too.  It took 15 minutes to take Budhamagar to a local hospital, where the doctors, after examining him, referred him to Bharatpur, more than an hour away. He was then referred to Neuro Hospital in Kathmandu, at least five hours away.  Personally I think that boxing is pretty dangerous, just my opion but like seriously, hitting eachother in the face.  I know that  is  like normal fighting but seriously some of them have huge amounts of force.  Budhamagar´s brother, a boxer himself, told Republica that ´the organizers were also responsible for his death as they should have checked players´ health before the fight. It not only reflects the pain of losing a young brother but also a necessity felt by the boxers.  I urge the NSC, and all sports associations, to immediately formulate and strictly implement medical guidelines for events, especially contact sports, and look at possibilities of funding the trainings of doctors in sports medicine. That would be a good lesson to learn from, and a rightful honor to, the demise of a young athlete with a lot of potential.  I show my respect for his family.